Short and Sweet guide on how to make a boutonniere

Remember how a few posts ago I wrote how to save money on your wedding? Well I have decided to show you guys how I make Boutonniere’s. I had the great opportunity this weekend to do it for a friend, because she just couldn’t figure out how to do it and make it look good.  Her wedding is this coming Sunday, and I do plan on blogging about it it….maybe lol. I haven’t decided yet Anyway! I didn’t get as many pictures as I wanted because once I get started on a project I become very single minded but I will explain what I do! So shall we?

Ok so first things first! a list of things you will need to help make your boutonniere’s it is as follows:

  1. Flowers (of course) the best way to do this is to buy the focal flower and then smaller flowers to go behind it.
  2. Floral tape, you can use either green or brown
  3. Floral wire
  4. Wire cutters
  5. Ribbon
  6. Hot Glue gun
  7. Scissors

Ok so now that you have your items you will need to cut off all the flowers on your bunch’s, its just easier to have them all cut, also make sure you cut the stems long enough so you have room to work with them. You can always downsize them after you figure out what you wanna do. I used only two flowers the focal flower and the decorative flower. Now my friend is doing a country type wedding and she is in love with Sunflowers, which I actually found fitting since we live in Kansas and it is our state flower. Anyway here is a couple of pictures of the flowers

Now these went together rather quickly, my own boutonniere’s I swear I tried a ton of different flowers before I settled on the ones I used. Same went for my cousin’s wedding where I made their’s but these were rather simple. I knew I wanted to make them very understated, especially since the sunflower is such a large flower. Once I arranged everything the way I wanted I then cut out a rather long piece of the floral wire and started to wind the wire from the topmost part of the flowers.

I know the photo’s aren’t the best, They were all taken with my phone, anyway as you can see I just wound all the way to the bottom. The next thing I did was snip off the pieces of wire that kinda stuck out, don’t want the groom and groomsmen to get poked in the chest with these things ya know. After that I took the floral tape we bought and did the same thing just wound it from the base of the flowers all the way down. Now with floral tape you do have to stretch it out to make it sticky, and your fingers will get kinda goopy but all part of the process but that’s ok! It is just a sign that you are doing it right! after that you will take whatever ribbon you purchased and again wrap it around only before you do that you will want to put a spot of hot glue at the to top part of the boutonniere and then just wind it down.

The further down you go the more the fabric will want to bunch, just pull it a bit tighter as you wrap and it should take care of that. Once you get it down all the way, make sure that none of your floral tape is showing, a dab of hot glue and then press it down and boom! you have a boutonniere. Like I said I forgot to take pictures of everything, but here is the end result in her beautiful boutonnieres.

So there you have it, a very crappily explained way to make your very own boutonniere’s for your wedding! If you honestly have any question just ask below in my comments and I will be sure to answer them! I wouldn’t mind helping people learn how to do this for themselves. Silk flowers really do cut down on your cost, especially if you buy them in their off season, yes even silk flowers have seasons. The reason for that is because most retail stores will clearance out their old stock of flowers to make room for the new stock that has come in.


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