Let’s Talk Scraps and Learning how to sew!

So recently while playing Final Fantasy: A Realm Reborn, I was chatting with a friend and found out they had a sewing machine. Unfortunately they had no idea how to use, and said they would love to learn how, but felt that sewing was an expensive hobby and they just didn’t have the funds at the moment. This got me to thinking. Yes sewing can become a rather expensive hobby, something I know very well. Just look in the huge tub full of random cloth for ‘projects’ under my desk! The thing is though I don’t think it would be overly expensive to start, especially if you had a sewing machine already, that’s half the battle there! So to the internet I went, technically YouTube. After scrolling through lots and lots of video’s I found one that I felt was a good way to start you can find it over on the channel Made to Sew and the video that is linked is the basics! So now that you know the basics of sewing you want to make a project right? Well that’s great! I have some great suggestions for a beginner sewer, and best of all most of them can be done on the cheap!

So first things first, where to buy fabric. You can go to any fabric store, or even to walmart. Although fabric can become expensive you don’t really need to buy lots of it to start out. Mostly because you wanna start out small, before you learn to run you learn to walk right? Well this is the same basic concept, when you start to learn how to sew you don’t want to make a prom dress right off the bat. All that is going to do is make you give up quick. So start small, and for that you don’t need a whole lot of fabric to start out with. The best thing about Stores that sell fabric they almost always have a remnant bin. A remnant bin is complied of a bunch of different types of fabric, that were either the tail end of a bolt or a customer decided they didn’t need anymore, and you can’t really sell it. So they measure it out and then end up discounting it! Its great for people who quilt, and its a awesome way to get some of the more expensive fabrics a tad bit cheaper. So this is where these projects come in! I’ve picked out some that would be easy peasy for the new sewer and even a few projects that a tad more advanced.

 Do you love to read? Know someone who is a bookworm? I can almost guarantee then that bookmarks tend to be a myth to the avid reader. As one myself I am constantly losing my bookmarks, or misplacing them, and they end up not being all that cheap. So the solution? One mom decided to use her scrap cloth to make bookmarks! Not only can you make them cute, but you can make them quick as well! this is a great  project for someone just starting out, or for the sewer who has so much scrap fabric they have no idea how to do it! So head on over to thecraftymummy! and learn how to make them!

 Another great and easy project is to make your own double sided head bands, this is another great project that can be made with scraps. Although you will be using elastic, which can sometimes be a tad tricky to work with as it is nice and stretchy. Don’t let that stop you though! Your options here are really endless when you think about it. I know I have several friends who swear by these types of headbands and would love to have some pretty custom made ones to wear. They are both functional and pretty!


 Christmas ornaments are another great idea to make with your scrap fabric, The best part is that one small piece of scrap could make one or two a piece if you play your cards right. Not only that but if you have kids or in my case cats, they aren’t breakable! So you won’t have to worry about spending $4 on a package of bulbs that will end up in pieces if dropped to the ground by a toddler accidentally throwing a ball into the tree, or a cat deciding that it wast to pretend it lives in a forest! I found these cute little Christmas tree ones over at The Sewing Loft Blog! Also make sure to check out their many other patterns as well!

 Here is something that is not only useful but pretty simple, and all you will need to make it is a bag of long grain rice! I know not only as a blogger but a gamer too, a wrist rest for your keyboard is a must need. This would also make for a great addition to your office at work as well. The need for things like this has become more prominent as we become more computer orientated in our lives. So now even younger people are showing up with carpel tunnel since most of if not all school work is now down on a computer! I know that this is something I need to make for myself and my husband, especially him since he works with his hands at his job. I found a great little template over at andsometimesy she even was nice enough to upload her template she used for her wrist rest!

 As someone who browse pinterest and other random craft blogs, I have noticed as of recently that dream-catchers are becoming a thing. I like dream catchers but have never figured out how to make them myself. That is until I came across this dream-catcher while browsing pinterest on my phone at the doctors office. These are rather pretty and you can do themed colors with them as well, or just do random colors. They would look great in any teenagers bedroom. So you can head on over to Pattern Revolution and learn how to make your very own dream-catcher!


 if you are like me then you have a ton of cords hanging out everywhere. I have a cord for my phone, my nook, my 3DS and a slew of other ones, and I am always buying more because I continue to lose them! Also like me you probably have no idea how to keep them all nice and neat and organized! You can make this handy little Cable Cosy! It’s fairly simple to put together and can be done with scrap fabrics that you have lying around. It would also make a great way to travel with all your cords and not forget one at home. That and its totally adorable and the perfect size to be stored out of the way.

 Another great scrap project is to make yourself a coffee cozy. Now I’m not a big coffee drinker, but I have a friend to lives off of coffee. She is always seen toting around her reusable coffee cup, or one from Starbucks. So this would be a perfect little ‘just because’ gift for her. Not only is it quick and simple but its stylish to boot! So if you have someone that is a coffee lover, or you yourself are a coffee lover, then you should defiantly be making them for yourself and your friends!


 Last but not least, is this cute little sewing machine cover. something this simple is perfect for the beginner, plus it will help keep your sewing machine from getting dusty! Yes they can get very dusty! I keep canned air around not only for my keyboard but also for my sewing machine. I use batting for a lot of projects and in turn it tends to get stuck in hard to reach area’s. I also seem to have a very dusty home. Why I don’t know, I dust constantly! At any rate this is a must have item for your sewing machine, and you can make it as cute as you want!

Well that’s all I have for you guys today! Go forth and sew to your hearts content! Hopefully you found a project on here that sparked your interest! Until next time have a great day!

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