Let’s Talk Weddings! A couple of tips on how to cut the costs and where!

So, I know this blog has been rather inactive at times, and all. It comes because of the fact that I really don’t know what to write about, and I am not sure what anyone would want to read. So my friend told me to write about things I know about, crafts I like to do and a few other things. So while talking on the phone late one night with one of my best friends about the stuff that needs to get done for her upcoming wedding, It clicked. I have planned and budgeted my own wedding, helped plan and budget my cousins wedding, and am in the process of helping said friend and working on another cousins wedding. In short, I know my way around weddings. For my own wedding I seriously made everything we used. So Today we are going to talk about how to figure out how to budget your wedding and what not, and don’t worry I shall have a few pictures in this one ^_^.

So first things first, my own wedding cost me about $1,000 all around. I know it was a cheap wedding, but it was beautiful none the less, and I actually was able to cut a lot of corners and am very lucky to have several friends who were very kind in lending their services for us. My cousin, is a DJ and as our wedding gift he worked our wedding for us, it was very sweet of him honestly and I will never forget how my wedding ended up getting him two gigs! Only because no one noticed that he was downloading music during the whole ceremony and reception, due to the fact that one of his kids broke his portable hard drive that contained all his music! No one could tell! A very good friend of mine was working on making a portfolio for his professional photography business, so he asked if he could be our photographer, and use our pictures in his portfolio. So due to this, he didn’t charge us! and I have to say the photo’s were very good, below is one of my favorite of us.

We didn’t realize that he was taking photo’s and thought that he was just changing lenses so we were chatting with each other. He did a perfect job at catching that perfect moment. The reason I am telling you about all these things, I guarantee you know someone in your life that is willing to help you give their service for a decent price or even free. So make sure to ask around! Heck one of our good friends married us for a case of beer! We saved money on some of the most expensive things for weddings. We may not have had a huge expensive wedding, but we had a nice one. It fit how we live our lives honestly. I digress though. So one of the things we saved big on other than the DJ, the photographer, and officiate. Was my dress, a regular wedding dress at a wedding shop will cost you at the least amount of money is $800. That is if you can catch a good sale on them. That is also just the base amount of money for one, that doesn’t include the alterations, the bustling (yes they charge for that) the slips, petticoats (if your dress needs them) and other undergarments needed will end up costing a bride close to $1500. That is a lot of money to spend on a dress you will only wear once in your life. So if you are like me and just can’t swallow spending that type of money on a dress fear not you have an alternative!

My dress was an old prom dress I had. It was a very pretty off white color, with gold brocade. It needed a few things done to it though. One was it needed to be take out in area’s and I wanted it to look different. An older woman at work was a seamstress and had once worked for a wedding boutique. She offered to help me make my old prom dress into a beautiful wedding dress. So I went down to good will and found a pretty red dress that ended up being taken apart to be used as a backing for the dress. She also hemmed it to make it a ‘tea length’ dress in short it turned into a dress that the Aunt who bought it for me for prom didn’t even recognize it. I was very happy with my dress and the best part? It cost me only $12, which was for the dress that ended up contributing itself to the original dress!

Another thing we saved big bucks on was our rings. If you shop around, especially online you will find a great selection of beautiful wedding rings that will cost you much less than if you were to go into a Zales or some other jewelry store. Yes you can even get the real thing for cheap we got our wedding rings off of Amazon.com, you do need to know your ring size before you buy though. Which is easy enough to get, just jot down to your local Walmart and ask if you can see what size ring you want. Most of the time they will be more than willing to help you figure out the size you need.

We didn’t opt for real diamonds or anything, we were on a budget after all, so we took off to Amazon.com. Which is were we found these rings. My wedding set was only $48 and the hubby’s was only $51 so for a grand total of $99 we got our wedding rings. Like I said though we opted for cubic zorcinan instead of real. Honestly though no one ever knew that my rings weren’t real, I got several compliments on them through out the last 5 years, I did just recently get a new set. Mostly because I lost the engagement ring part. I still opted to go with cubic zorcoinan, I just didn’t want to spend a ton of money on my rings, mainly because at the time I could see money spent on something else. If you get the hint here I am a cheap person haha!

Another thing you can save on, is your wedding flowers. I read somewhere once that the average bride will spend anywhere between $1500-$6000 on wedding flowers. Of course it all depends on who you go through, the type of flowers you want, and weather or not the flowers are in season, but the average amount people spend on wedding flowers is about $2500 which is still a lot of money if you look at it. This is a cost that is easy to cut and you can actually do a lot if you opt to go for silk flowers instead of real ones. Also there is always the option to DIY it.

The two pictures above are of wedding bouquets I made. Almost all flowers in both were found during the end of season sales for them, and both are silk flowers. I will be making a post about how to DIY a wedding bouquet, and even boutonnieres once I get the process pictures taken. But you get the idea, on the wedding bouquet on the right along with her 7 bridesmaids bouquet, 1 throw away bouquet, and 12 boutonnieres (the kids they had all got to wear boutonnieres) we spent about $300 which isn’t bad and I still have a crap ton of the flowers left from that wedding! The best part about using silk flowers? You get to keep your bouquet! I know I display mine next to our cake topper and a wedding photo. My cousin displays her’s next to her wedding photo, and their awesome guestbook!

The general conciseness of this post is, there are lots of places you can cut costs as long as you are willing. Your wedding doesn’t have to start you and your spouse out in debt, trust me you will accumulate enough of it after the wedding bells ring and everyone goes home and back into their lives. All that matters is that you and your spouse love each other and that your wedding is a reflection of that love you share. Because trust me when you look back at your wedding, you won’t remember a thing! It will have all been a huge blur and you will wonder why the heck you spent all that money on something you can’t even remember!

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