Video Games! More Perler Bead stuff!

Hello guys! I have been absent for a bit I know, I have just been at a loss of what to talk about the past little bit, but you know I think I’m just going to talk about everything that interests me and all the random craft projects I do along with all the sewing I do. I am however working on showing you guys the wonderful little memory bears a friend of mine has asked me to make out of the two little outfits she brought her twins home in! I just need to get a few more pictures as I work on it so. Here we are again doing a Perler Bead roundup simply because I love my perler’s and I enjoy showing you guys all the neat little projects I find on pinterest!

 So of course when you talk video games, most people think of Nintendo. There are so many fun perler projects online of the most beloved Nintendo game characters and what not, and these are only a few, but I have to say they are pretty awesome! The Nintendo game on everyone’s lips is the new Zelda: Breath of the Wild game for the new Nintendo Switch. We do not have a Switch nor do we have the game, but a friend does and we have been over to his place to play the new game. My husband, loves all of the Zelda games, he has played each one so far on every console that they brought it out for and let me tell ya, he is itching to get the new switch. In the meantime though he has been keeping himself busy with doing random perler projects of his favorite zelda sprites.

 This one is super cute! I find it over on Pinterest, where else would I find these? This one is on my to-do list, a list that seems to get bigger every day. I feel like it would be a good one go give to a loved one on say Valentines day? Or for a Anniversary gift, which is what I will be using this one for myself. Plus who can pass up an adorable little Link giving up one of his hearts for his love? No one, that’s who!

 Next up are the fairy’s. I know they tend to be annoying in game with their always going ‘Hey! Listen!’ but they do make for very cute perler projects. Both of these I have made and set them up as fridge magnets. They make very cute magnets honestly, and the little bottle one can be improvised into health and mana potions as well! These would be perfect gifts for that gamer friend of yours, because who doesn’t want to make their house as nerdy as possible?

Another very popular Nintendo icon is Mario from any one of the many many Mario Bros. games out there. There are so many of these its crazy these are only a few, I could honestly make an entire blog post about nothing but Mario themed projects, there are that many out there. Even better are the ones like the picture below that people got overly creative with and poking fun at popular things in pop culture.

 You can find Many parody’s of pop culture in the perler world, this one was just my favorite. Because I honestly would have never thought of making something like that, and Honestly every time I see it I just hear Miley’s song in my head.


If you play on Steam or are a member of the gaming community in general, chances are you have heard of Stardew Valley. So it comes as no surprise that people have started making perler sprites out of all the animal’s and characters from the game. If you are one that enjoys games such as Animal Crossing and Harvest Moon, then I know you will enjoy this game. It is also so much more than just a sandbox farming game. The story that is in it is deep and rather surprising, ConcernedApe has done a very good job of making you care for the people in your little town, and keeps you interested as well.  These are a must have for any huge Stardew Valley player

Honestly you can find any amount of gaming perler projects, all over the internet. With as many gamer’s out there that are crafter’s it comes as no surprise that there are always new and amazing crafting projects that tend to pop up. All you gotta do is look, and the Perler community is a huge contributor to the gaming craft fun. So if you want to make a project just do a quick google search of your favorite game and I guarantee you will find at least one that someone has made!

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